About Debbie McHale

About Debbie McHale

For more than 15 years, Debbie has served a wide variety of residential and commercial clients, in the Baltimore Washington metro area with a high concentration in Howard County.  Aware of the trend with increased home sizes and advanced technology, family members became more and more isolated and disconnected.  Interior Transformations’ mission is to connect families one room at a time.  With a holistic approach to your updates, renovations, and additions, a Master Plan is the most effective and efficient starting point.  What are your long-term plans?   Debbie’s experience has proven that the insight to future design projects will improve the solutions for current projects.  She will be able to save you time, money, and headaches in the long run.

With Interior Transformations as your full-service design company, you receive stellar customer service because you work directly with Debbie to design and implement your project.  Personalized design packages are customized with your timeline, budget, and design fees clearly stated to meet your desires and expected results.  A beautiful home is only as beautiful as how it makes you feel when you are in it.

Knowledge and expertise are vital in this profession but at the heart of what we do is we are called to be good listeners, interpreters, and trusted guides.  Relationships are built on trust. Can Debbie deliver what you are not even sure how to articulate that you want?  Our proven program asks numerous questions to better understand how you live, what is important to you, what your budget is, what you treasure, what you like about your current living conditions and what you wish to change.   Information is gathered, needs ascertained, and a design concept and plan developed. Then, we determine how that plan will be best implemented.

Of course, the name “Interior Transformations” refers to the physical transformation of your home but more importantly the “interior transformation” of you and your family’s lives and lifestyles. Debbie’s goal is that at the end of the project you will be a better person because you worked with her and she will be a better person because she has come to know you. You will be happier, more relaxed, more organized, and delighted to be in your home and sharing it with others because it is created with you and your family’s needs at its core. 

Debbie’s flair for the use of color and texture is evident in her diverse body of work. Her team of experienced and reputable vendors, contractors, and artists collaborate to deliver your desired results. She has a proven team of reliable vetted professionals but is comfortable and confident to work with your architect and/or contractor.

Design is very fluid and is always being refined. To keep abreast of those changes, each year, Debbie attends continuing education classes offered through a myriad of professionals. Classes on topics such as technology, business practices, communication, and product knowledge.

Debbie has lived in Howard County since 1981 with her husband Pat. They have two adult children. Debbie enjoys her brisk walks, gardening, art, color, architecture, going to their North Wildwood beach home, and staying connected with family, friends, and members of her St. Louis church family.

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