With so many of my clients renovating their bathrooms in their homes, I thought I would share some insights. Whether you want to tackle your renovation on your own or with the aid of professionals consider this:

How do you use your bathroom? Your answer will vary based on which bathroom. Is it the powder room, hall bath, or Master Bath?

Does your bathroom satisfy your lifestyle needs?

Do you take showers in a tiny shower while the massive Jacuzzi tub is unused?

Is there adequate storage? Is it the right kind of storage? 

Do you prefer the myriad organizational accessories available? Drawers or pull out trays help keep your toiletries more organized and accessible.

Vanities come in various heights.  Would you benefit from a higher vanity to reduce bending at the sink? For more information: https://www.tradewindsimports.com/blog/standard-height-bathroom-vanity/

How can your lighting and ventilation be improved? Is your shower area well light and ventilated?

Once you know what you would like/need to improve, consider your budget.

What is the goal of your remodel?  Is it for resale, creating an oasis, or just to freshen it up?

Collect pictures and ideas through magazines, my website:  www.interiortrans.com. ,

 Pinterest www.pinterest.com,  and Houzz  www.houzz.com.   to give you direction or to help you articulate your desires to a design professional or contractor.

Who will be on your team?

     Will an architect be required because of major structural changes?

     Do you have a contractor that has done work for you that you trust? 

     Would you benefit from the knowledge and resources of an interior designer?

As you plan, ponder:

What will your involvement be in the project?

Do you enjoy making the myriad design decisions and selections needed for the remodel?

Does your schedule allow you the time to coordinate the numerous elements of a renovation?

Do you have another bathroom to use while this one is being renovated?

Your specific project details will determine your timeline.  You will need to discuss this with your contractor based on your project but plan at least 1-2 months for a small simple remodel with everything going smoothly and more for a full scale renovation on a Master Bath. Understand that whenever you have construction and so many elements there can be unexpected surprises and delays.  In your mind, allow for more time than what has been discussed.   

Is it worth it?  Consider how often you use your bathroom.  When you improve the beauty and function of your bathrooms what a difference they make in your day to day living!

Interior Design to make the everyday extraordinary