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Living Room Renovation

This Living Room was renovated for an energetic Columbia client who treasures time with her growing family, is an avid reader, and likes to be surrounded by items reminiscent of days gone by. The challenge with this Living Room was it is twice as long as wide and has large windows on each end with a fireplace dividing the room in the center. The space would serve many functions so it had to be durable and flexible enough for her family with young grandchildren and beautiful and comfortable for her book club.

Smaller scale handsomely crafted furnishings were chosen to create various seating areas throughout the room that could also be gathered together.

The fireplace became a stronger focal point by adding architectural details, sconces, and a customized surround. Wainscoting was designed for the opposite wall to balance the fireplace as well as add visual interest. Hardwood floors were restored, custom window treatments fabricated, and existing artwork installed to complete this Living Room remodel.

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