Many of my clients are staying in their homes and are at a time in their lives when they want to update their kitchen and bathroom spaces.  I wanted to share these tips for remodeling your kitchen or bath.

  1. When you remodel your kitchen, this may be a good opportunity to create a more unified look with your flooring choice. To expand the look and feel of your first floor use the same flooring material throughout.  Every time you change the material it’s like a stop sign to the eye and cuts the space.
  1. In kitchen or bath redesign, the countertop drives the color palette for the room. Coordinate the cabinetry and backsplash.
  2. Drawers or roll out trays provide the best organization and access to the contents inside them. Contents get lost inside deep shelves behind doors.
  3. When selecting cabinetry hardware, touch and feel the hardware to ensure it is comfortable to your hand. You want the hardware to reflect your style but remember that comfort and ease of use is vital.
  4. For ease of maintenance, strike a balance between ornate details and ease of cleaning when selecting your cabinetry hardware and door style. If you frequently cook or bake remember those powdered ingredients find their way into all the crevices.
  5. Glass cabinet fronts are a great design element. Glass can lighten the look in a tight bathroom and allows you to add lighting in a kitchen to showcase your colorful dinnerware.  If you want to store items that you don’t want everyone else to see but need a lighter look use a patterned etched glass or frosted glass.
  1. Towers are cabinets that sit on top of the countertop and base cabinets. They don’t come the full  depth of the countertop but they create easily accessible storage and provide balance and interest on a long sink wall.


I hope you enjoy these tips.  Share them with your friends and colleagues.  Know that I am ready if you need help with your next kitchen, bath, or other remodeling projects! 

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