Trompe l’oeil

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Laurel Dental Office Update

This skilled dentist knew when he was “out of his league” and needed help. He knew it was time to renovate his outdated space but did not know where to begin. Interior Transformations was brought in by the contractor who was bidding on the job. Working under a strict budget and time constraints we pulled our resources together quickly and efficiently. The carpet was kept but everything else was updated.

New wall finishes, flooring, artwork, and lighting were selected for the Reception Area, operatories and sterilization areas. Expanding the Reception desk window, dramatically improved the look and feel of the Reception Area. We designed a window opening in the narrow Sterilization Room to open up that work space. In addition, Interior Transformations employed trompe l’oeil to enhance the space by the artwork chosen that included expansive window views out.

Before and After Gallery

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