Ethnic Inspiration


Living/Dining Room Update

Inspired by the ethnic collection of this client the Living and Dining Rooms were transformed with updated upholstery, fresh colors, and new acquisitions. Ready to move from Colonial blue to a more soulful, colorful, and updated design we put together a mix of geometric patterns in a variety of hues. The furniture fabrics were neutral so that the interesting artwork, crafts, and furniture details could stand out.

“The eyelash curtains” as the custom window treatments came to be known reminded the client of how her grandmother would take bleached muslin seed bags, cut them into strips, fray the edges about 1“ into the strip. Then she would take the square strips and piece them together into a pattern to create bed coverings.

Fun and unexpected this window treatment was the perfect complement to the natural elements both inside the room and out.

Before and After Gallery

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