Beauty to Behold

Fine Art, Lighting, & Furnishings

Luxury Residence

“Surround yourself with beauty” is the philosophy that inspired this project.

It was our joy to enliven the living/entertaining spaces of these clients by first rearranging their existing furnishings. Our goal was to carve out cozy conversation spaces and optimize mixed use within the large rooms. We wanted to ensure that our environments brought families, friends, and guests together.

Whether they were playing the piano, working on their iPad, having a glass of wine, or enjoying the view of the beautiful outdoors they could all have their own space within a larger shared space. In addition, this rearrangement expanded the traffic areas and enabled us to better showcase their beautiful custom pieces.

Throughout the Living Room, Dining Room, and Conservatory, Interior Transformations selected, procured, and installed luxury light fixtures and drapery hardware. We also custom designed, fabricated, and installed the silk embellished window treatments and invigorated their existing upholstered furnishings with colorfully textured geometric fabric.

All of these refinements create a beautiful cohesion with the hand crafted accoutrements these clients have collected from around the globe. We all had a lot of fun creating this “Beauty to behold!”

Before and After Gallery

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