Spa Like Experience

Gentle   Credible   State of the Art 

Endodontic Office 

Interior Transformations was involved from start to finish in this endodontic buildout. Working closely with the endodontist, architect, general contractor, and various tradespeople, the goal was to create a spa like feel to put patients at ease.

Inspired by the artwork of the late Teri Rizzutti, water became the motif of the space. Water was reflected in both the movement and colors of the materials chosen for the floors, walls, countertops, furnishings, and lighting, even the flow of the water from the faucet in the patient bath incorporated this theme. To balance the cool blues, rich warm soothing woods were chosen for the cabinetry. With this being a top notch endodontic practice, state of the art equipment was selected for this total digital office.

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