Appeal To All Ages

Colorful   Durable   Timeless 

Orthodontic Office

The interior transformation of this build out was particularly rewarding because our task was to satisfy the desires of a four member practice and design an environment suitable for both a young and mature patient base. To ensure efficiency our programming/selection meetings were held when all members would be present for decision making and problem solving. Selections were offered that would appeal to all ages. Open spaces were utilized to treat the younger patients while private spaces were designed for the more mature patient.

Interior Transformations was involved once the general contractor was chosen. Our services included space planning, the selection of all cabinetry, countertops, furnishings, lighting, wall and flooring materials, and artwork. We worked closely with the general contractor and his crew, the office manager, and the myriad vendors for procurement and installation. We chose a colorful palette that used complementary colors that were also complementary in their application. The environment is both calm and energetic, youthful and sophisticated, durable and fun.

Interior Design to make the everyday extraordinary