So what are you intentional about? They say that what you focus on expands. 

Let’s take this time to expand on ways to improve peace, calm, and laughter in our lives and families.

One of the ways that we feel calm and connected is through nature. For many reasons the colors, sounds, and textures of our favorite spots near the water bring us peace and calm. 

The soft cool feeling of sand between our toes, the warmth of the sun on our bodies, the sounds of the ocean lulls us to relax. 

So how can we bring that into our homes? You can incorporate these textures and colors with pillows, throws, window treatments, or in area rugs.

Enjoy this latest collection of Windsor Smith designed for Kravet Couture.

So much of what we are reading about and hearing addresses taking care of ourselves and our loved ones. Carve out somewhere in your home that is your special spot to pray, meditate, read, and relax. 

Keeping it organized and uncluttered is vital. Remember to include music that brings in your favorite sounds of nature or your favorite tunes. 

Artwork can really set the tone for your space.  This coastal piece created the mood and finishing touch for my client’s bedroom retreat. 

Laughter is also good for our souls.   At the McHale’s we have been enjoying corny jokes from the “Dad’s Jokes” book by Jimmy Niro that I gave my husband for Father’s Day.”   What are some of your favorite sources for humor?

Add touches of whimsy and lightheartedness.  I have a plaque in my home that reads: “Laugh as often as you breathe.  When I decorate for the holidays, I include figures that are colorful, smiling, and make me laugh.   This “At Play” figure from Uttermost brings a playful attitude and feeling of lightheartedness.  You can almost hear the child giggling with delight!


In this season of Thanksgiving, what we focus on that we are grateful for is more important than ever.

Using a gratitude journal is a focused way to remind ourselves of what we are grateful for.    My sister shared this idea with us several Christmases ago. You write down three things each evening before you go to bed. This prepares us for a better night’s sleep and a grateful heart.  It’s also fun to share with family and friends, near or far, young or old. 

May we use this season to focus on carving out times of reflecting on what we are grateful for, creating calm, and enjoying laughter.  I am grateful for each of you!

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