I was visiting a friend in Ohio and had the opportunity to go crazy for spring in Big Lots!

It inspired me to share my spruce up for spring on a tight budget!  Ways to do it…


How many of us neglect our garage entrance into our home?  We create beautiful foyers for our guests that come maybe 1x/month or less and neglect the entrance into our oasis that we use multiple times a day???

Colorful welcome mats are the perfect greeters to your home.  Make sure they won’t slip and slide to create hazards.

Add wreaths on the door.  Chalk board for family greetings. 

Mats in your kitchen

These mats are slim, hide dirt, and are attractive … they also make you hungry!

Bath mat:

I used this mat intended for the kitchen in my first floor bath.  A bathroom that I frequently use because I am up and out early and don’t want to disturb my hubby.  This mat is comfy on my legs as I stand at the sink on my tile floor.



What about pretty, updated soap dispensers?  If you want to add some gray, which has been such a hot color, I found it in these texturally crafted dispensers. 

Gray is a neutral color so it can work well with so many other colors.  I paired it with browns and golds.  TIP:  The eye will find gray in other items in your room that you had not previously noticed.



What about our tissue boxes today??? They have become a decorative item.  They are necessary so why not make them pretty???  Candles are also a wonderful way to add color.  If you have allergies be sure to look for candles made from soy.  They burn cleaner and don’t make you sneeze!

What about placemats and new table linens, hand towels?  Great way to update and bring spring in!

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