Welcome to Daylight Saving Time!  We are ready to spring forward!

Lighting is a vital part of design because it impacts the way everything looks in our home and how we feel.

Wall Lighting

The ideal linear lighting above a bathroom mirror should measure between 3/4 and the full length of the mirror.

Interior Transformations/ Ken Wyner Photography


The guideline for installing wall sconces on each side of the mirror is 60-65” from the finished floor to the center of the backplate. When there are double sinks be sure to consider the height of both users to determine the ideal placement.


Interior Transformations/Ken Wyner Photography


When installing multiple wall sconces to accent a hallway consider leaving a minimum of 8-10’ feet between each fixture to evenly spread the light.

Interior Transformations/Ken Wyner Photography



Sconces are also for decorative purposes. They can be fun, make a statement, and set a mood.

Interior Transformations/Ken Wyner Photography


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