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American Craft Council Design Show

This year the American Craft Council asked Baltimore area designers to participate in their “Make Room: Modern Design Meets Craft” as part of this home décor exhibition. Based on this year’s theme, “4 Elements”, interior designers created room vignettes inspired by select pieces of fine craft that express one of Mother Nature’s awe-inspiring elements – earth, air, fire, and water.

As a member of ASID, Debbie chaired participation in this event to educate the public on the value of working with an ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) designer. See an explanation of the concept and pictures below.

Baltimore-based designers took on the four elements (earth, air, water, and fire) to create craft-inspired settings with the work of artists at the 2015 American Craft Council Show in Baltimore.
Inspirations: Tom Stoenner, Randi Solin, Ann BrauerSolin, Ann Brauer
Design style: The beauty of working with a designer who is a member of ASID is that you are ensured that we are trained in and aware of the latest trends, technology, and all the elements that can be placed in the home. At our core, we are problem solvers, whose task it is to interpret your vision and dream for your home and lifestyle, even when you may not be able to express it in words.
Vision: Water can be a source of healing, relaxation, and peace, or it can be powerful and destructive. In this busy, high-tech world, our water theme beckons you to come, sit a while, relax with friends, and be surrounded by tranquility. Each of these handcrafted pieces draws you in to enjoy the beauty of the world we live in, a peaceful, nature-inspired oasis.

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